by Ivan
Published: October 5, 2020 (2 years ago)
Odesa region, Ukraine

Since ancient times, beekeeping products have been considered one of the most healing and truly unique natural medicines. Honey, propolis, bee bread serve as the basis for folk recipes for many ailments, however, royal jelly cannot be compared with them. This specific substance with a telling name – “royal jelly” – is used by insects to feed their offspring, which means that it contains all the best that bees can give. The richest composition of the elixir explains the interest of a person in it – it is hardly possible to find another composition with the same healing qualities as royal jelly. About 60% of the total composition of royal jelly is water, and the remaining 40% is represented by dry substances. Of these, fats account for about 5-15%, proteins – 20-50%, carbohydrates – 10-40%, and the remaining 1-3% are minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other useful substances. This ratio is incredibly high – even in minimal concentrations, the vitamin-mineral cocktail of royal jelly significantly exceeds most of the existing herbal complexes, and pharmacological additives can hardly boast of such an abundance of ingredients.