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In July 2019, the AgriTradeNet project team from Galati Foundation for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises organized visiting sessions in order to promote the project activities at Braila Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and in Galati County, at the local authorities and tomatoes producers.

Bulgarian white brined cheese will be certified as a trademark. This is one of the goals set by the Bulgarian partner in the project “Sustainable Agro-Trade Network in the Black Sea Basin” – Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bourgas. It is implemented in partnership with organizations from Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine with a leading partner Traders’ Association of Thessaloniki – Greece. The total project cost for the Bulgarian partner amounts to 66,176.77 Euros.
Its main objective is to extend cross-border trade links in agriculture and related sectors in the Black Sea Basin. To establish links between the local community in the region to help presenting traditional local products and the opportunities for developing regional brands. “During the execution of the project a dispute arose with what product to participate in. Then we decided to present our country with milk and dairy products,” CCI – Bourgas president Georges Dereliev said at a meeting with dairy farmers. 
“We want to make a geographical certification of regional brands and to support the cross-border trade of national products,” said CCI – Bourgas Vidka Valcheva, deputy president and project manager from the Bulgarian side. White brined cheese can be certified in the European Food Register. Up to now, our country has 7 plus 1 certified products, the last listed in the register is the Strandzha oak honey.
The country with the most certified products in Europe are Italy. It ranks with 293 products, second is France with 242, third is Spain with 194.
Bulgaria is on the 20th place with seven products (official information in the register is prior to the certification of oak honey this year). Within the project will be organized training of 30 representatives of the target group from Burgas region. Two visits were also planned at international exhibitions – markets in the Republic of Turkey – Demirköy in May and before that, in March, in Odessa – Ukraine, where each partner will present his product. Bulgaria will present white brined cheese, Greece – olive oil, Ukraine – honey, Romania – tomatoes, Turkey – strawberries, Moldova – cultivated berries.  (Source:

On19th of June 2019, IMPEER organized visiting session with beekeepers.They promoted AgriTradeNet project, discussed current issues and problems of beekeeping, the regulatory framework. Also, beekeepers had the opportunity to pass the project survey.

AgriTradeNet project participated at the largest agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, AGRO-2019 and organized in Kiev, Ukraine at June 2019.This exhibition was a unique platform for dialogue between private business and the state, associations and foreign representatives. The event was attended by the First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and other representatives of the authorities. Our partners; from IMPEER talked with the Ukrainian beekeepers and presented the project.

Asociatia Obsteasca “Centrul de Consultanta in Afaceri” (Moldova) visited the national exhibition “Made in Moldova” and discussed with berry farmers and processors who participates in, about the AgriTradeNet opportunities for them and their products to reach the regional market. In this context, farmers received a little support from the project – organic bags.  The farmers liked the idea and proposed to reward with bag only those buyers, who buy enough products to fill it. The products with which the producers and processors are very enthusiastic are diverse. Beginning with dried berries, continuing with jams and jellyfish, finishing with berries in the chocolate glaze and brandy from berries.

The three-day Kick-off meeting and a Press Conference of the project entitled “Sustainable Agricultural Trade Network in the Black Sea Basin” (AgriTradeNet) with a reference number BSB383, was successfully organized at the Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki -Greece by the Traders’ Association of Thessaloniki at 28th to 30th of November 2018. The project is funded by the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Program 2014-2020 under the priority 1.2 “Increasing cross-border links for trade and modernization in the agricultural and related sectors of the Black Sea Basin”. The main aim of the project is to enhance the agricultural producers’ extroversion and networking and had started officially at 02/08/2018 and will end at 01/11/2020.

In the specific project in which the lead partner is the Traders’ Association of Thessaloniki (Greece), are also involved the following partner organizations: Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bourgas (Bulgaria), GALATI FOUNDATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED PRIVATE ENTERPRISES (Romania), Asociatia Obsteasca “Centrul de Consultanta in Afaceri” (Moldova), Demirkoy Municipality (Turkey), INSTITUTE OF MARKET PROBLEMS AND ECONOMIC & ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

All the partners organizations’ were represented by 2 experts during the kick-off meeting and in the press conference had participated around 93 people, representatives from public and private sector in the region of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The main goal of the three-day event was the official opening of the project whose main objective is to increase the production capacity of local agricultural productions by providing them the support for elaboration of geographical identification and certification of their products as well as creating links between business organizations participating in this program.

At the same time, the project partners were informed about the actions and the plan of the project and discussed issues related to the timetable and the budget of the project, as well as the implementation reports to be prepared and sent to the Managing Authority (JMA and Ministry of Regional Development of Romania).At the same time, the project partners were informed about the actions and the plan of the project and discussed issues related to the timetable and the budget of the project, as well as the implementation reports to be prepared and sent to the Managing Authority (JMA and Ministry of Regional Development of Romania).

The official opening of the project and the press conference at 28 of November 2018 was attended by the Minister of Rural Development – Mr. Stavros Arachovitis, the President of the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki – Mr. Anastasios Tzikas, the President of KEDE-Mr. George Patoulis, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs – Mr. Dimitris MARDAS, Vice-Governor of Prefecture of Central Macedonia-Mr Alexandros Thanos , the General Director of the Market of the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumers of the Ministry of Economy and Development – Mr. Andreas Mourtsiadis and a large number of Representatives of the Bodies of Thessaloniki.The President of the Thessaloniki Traders’ Association stressed, among other things, how important are the project activities for the producers and traders of our partner countries in this project, while the Minister of Rural Development in his speech mentioned, among other things, that the branded Greek agricultural products can find a way out on international markets in a way that will bring added value to producers.

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