by Educational complex "Zhiva Chlorella", Trade mark "Algalive"
Published: December 1, 2020 (2 years ago)
Odesa region, Ukraine

Honey is a natural preservative that allows you to preserve all the important properties of additional products – components in the honey mixture. Honey -per 100 g of product has up to 80 g of carbohydrates and up to 20 g of water. The proportions of trace elements in composition resemble blood plasma, so honey is completely absorbed by the human body and is a conductor for the rapid assimilation of components that are part of the honey composition. The traditional components that form the basis of honey compositions are perga, propolis, drone homogenate, pollen, walnut. Perga is the end product of bee pollen processing by bees. Perga for humans is a real storehouse of essential vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, enzymes and other nutrients. All its vitamins are absorbed by the human body 100%. Propolis is a bee glue. Has a strong antiseptic property, propolis helps the bee family to protect itself from various viruses, bacteria and fungi, maintaining a sterile atmosphere in the hive. In folk medicine it is called a natural antibiotic. Propolis has a pronounced antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral effect. Drone homogenate is produced from 7-day-old bee drone larvae, which consists of hormones and vitamins A, B, and E. Regular consumption of the homogenate can prevent as well as cure male and female infertility. It is used to strengthen the body during heavy physical and mental stress. It lowers high blood pressure and regulates blood cholesterol. The homogenate has a powerful healing and cooling effect. Flower pollen is a multi-colored balls collected from flowers, processed by collecting the secretion of the jaw glands and moistened with nectar. Pollen contains all the necessary amino acids that a person should get with food, as the body itself can not synthesize them. It contains 27 trace elements, including a lot of potassium, the body needs to support the heart muscle, as well as iron, copper and cobalt. There is in pollen and vital for the person calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, etc. Rich in pollen and carotenoids – provitamin A, B vitamins, vitamins C, E, D, P, K and others. Walnut – has a general tonic, tonic, purifying, vasodilating, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic effect. Eating nuts improves metabolism in the body. Useful properties of walnut lead to improved condition of the walls of blood vessels, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Recently, algae have been added to honey compositions. On the market of Ukraine today there are companies that have in their range of products honey compositions using algae spirulina and chlorella! Spirulina is a blue-green algae, an ecologically clean plant, which contains a unique complex of components necessary for the human body. Biomass consists of three quarters of protein – so the product is very popular in a healthy diet. Its use in its pure form almost does not create side effects and has no contraindications. But it is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in multiple sclerosis, arthritis. At diseases of kidneys and a thyroid gland before use consultation with the doctor is required. The necessary norm of spirulina a day makes from 2 to 4 grams. Spirulina is used in food directly as independent product, and also as a food additive. Research and Production Company “Living Chlorella” presents a honey composition based on natural honey and concentrate from a suspension of living microalgae Chlorella for a full life, health and longevity!