by Leontiy Cheban
Published: October 5, 2020 (2 years ago)
Tatarbunarsky district, Diviziya village, Odesa region, Ukraine

Sunflower honey is perfect for the prevention of certain diseases: it strengthens the cardiovascular system, is used as a diuretic in combination with herbal infusions, and improves liver function. Sunflower honey is characterized by a tart and delicate taste with a barely perceptible acidity. After pumping out the honey is bright and rich in color, reminiscent of fried sunflower oil. While absorbing honey, you can feel something like tingling, perspiration. The smell is quite fragrant, but decreases during crystallization, which passes quickly (up to a month). Saturated honey has a fine-grained structure, similar in appearance to ghee, it is solid due to its high glucose content. It is sunflower honey that contains the greatest amount of glucose, the richest set of amino acids and vitamins. This honey is not suitable for feeding bees in winter; after crystallization, a hard crust forms on its surface. Unripe or fake sunflower honey can be calculated by its irregular or coarse-grained structure. Nutritious sunflower honey contributes to the rhythmic work of the heart, is well absorbed and enriches the blood with useful substances, stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of several grams of honey ensures a balanced work of all systems of the human body.