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IMPEER – Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research

Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research (IMPEER) – is the leading research department of the NAS of Ukraine in the south Ukraine, which was founded in 1991 on the base of Odessa Branch of the Institute of Economics of the USSR.

In May 1970 in Odessa the academic research institution of economics was founded by Resolution of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences – Odessa Branch of the Institute of Economics of the USSR, whose purpose was the complex researching of economic development of the productive forces of coastal regions with determination of their characteristics and specificity in the economic sector of Ukraine.

In different years at the Institute the theoretical and applied researches were carried out by scientists.

Today, the strategic goals of researches and workings at the Institute directed to fundamental and applied research for the development and deepening of the theoretical foundations of economic science, forming the foundation of applied research and integrated solutions of tactical and programmatic development on the market environment, implementing the strategy of sustainable development of Ukraine, mechanisms of economic ecologization, strengthening the competitiveness of national economy at Ukrainian Black Sea and Danube, the development of transit potential for the transport of Ukraine.

Priority value for the last time has acquired to such research directions of scientists of the Institute:

– Theory and methodology of restructuring of economic systems, institutional factors of the development environment market;

– Development of transport and transit potential of Ukraine and the mechanisms of its implementation;

– Institutional arrangements for ecologization of the economy;

– Overcoming of regional disparities and modernization of management of socio-economic development of the southern regions of Ukraine.

Foundations of the Institute Scientific Staff are: 1 academician of NAS of Ukraine, 19 doctors and 24 candidates of sciences. There are Post-graduate, Doctoral and Specialized Scientific Council for awarding scientific degree of Candidate and Doctor of Economic Sciences in Institute.

The Institute consists of six academic departments and one research&application sector, each of which provides a particular direction of fundamental and applied research in economics. Important role in strengthening of scientific potential of the Institute takes the activities of Young Scientists Council who are successfully working with research organizations and institutions of higher education of Ukraine and other countries.

The Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research participates in active international activities.

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